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Carlo's Table

Yes, sadly, there are many, many pool players out there who can beat me at my favorite obsession - pool.  You may even be one of the anointed.  Maybe not.  Probably not.

Carlo, focused on an object ball, about to make a shot. Or maybe miscue.  Who knows?

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Thousands, well, maybe hundreds, or at least a couple of hundred  Carlo-beaters show up every year in Las Vegas and ALL of them have flown from all over the world there simply for a chance at wounding Carlo's pride or emptying his pockets. 

Am I paranoid, or what? 

But I'm too smart, I only play for chump change.  Well, mostly chump change.  Unless I smell blood.  Some times I get confused and it is my own blood I smell.  I hate it when that happens.  I bleed easily.

So what if I get beat?  I still love games involving cues and I intend to continue tormenting pool and billiard balls for the remainder of my ambulatory days. 

I torment players, too, whenever I can.  They deserve it.  All of them deserve it.  Including you.  You deserve all of the pool-table grief I can muster.  It probably has something to do with your heritage.

How dare anyone challenge Carlo, the Legend-in-his-Own-Mind!

Damn, I shoot good pool inside of my mind!  I even have a few friends in here.  Sometimes it gets crowded in here.  I hate it when they argue, though.  It's worse when they throw things.

Like many of you, I have read some pool books (they don't all agree.)  I've watched some pool videos (they don't all agree.)  I've listened to top pool players (they don't all agree.)  I've sifted through physics books regarding pool & billiards (they don't all agree.) 

I have parked here, for your non-critical (which is a nice way of saying I don't give a particular crappola if you hate them) perusal some of my politically incorrect observations about cue sports.

When pool becomes Politically Correct I'd be forced to quit therefore it is up to me to keep pool Politically Incorrect.  Single-handedly, if need be, but I get lots of help from other pool players so I'm not particularly worried.

If I tried to lecture you about your stroke, your stance or pool strategies, you'd ignore me anyway so why bother?

Therefore I am only trying to amuse or enlighten you as to the sillier aspects of demented men (and an increasing number, albeit too few, demented women) chasing multi-colored spheres with pointy sticks.

You can send money if you like them or at least give me the 6-out and maybe 1 or 2 on the wire.  Funds are accepted via PayPal.  I'll probably have a coronary if anyone ever sends money.  Why?  I know pool players, that's why.  Most won't even buy a beer. 

I suggest starting out with a tear-jerker Cappy  or maybe my last fistfight in a pool hall.  Strangers is a good area, too.  Be sure to sing the Strangers song! 

Then feel free to roam about and enjoy, laugh, chuckle, cry, suffer or shoot me the bird.  But don't expect the 7-ball from me.


Nobody paid me any money to put these links here, I just thought they deserved it.  Tell them Carlo sent you, maybe they'll buy me a beer.


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